Snowboard Boot and Outerwear Manufacturer Gets Mainstream Limelight

Established in 1995, the ThirtyTwo snowboard boot and outerwear brand was created by snowboarders and for snowboarders. It is a brand that makes its annual income from one short winter sales season that occurs between September and December. After lackluster snowfall in 2011 that impacted the entire industry, ThirtyTwo retained Master Plan Communications to create demand for ThirtyTwo products during the winter of 2012.
After conducting research on ThirtyTwo’s target consumers, the Master Plan Communications team recommended a press event targeting mainstream media. The goal of this press event was securing media coverage in major mainstream media outlet’s winter issues, thereby driving demand during the Holiday season for ThirtyTwo’s product line.


The Master Plan Communications PR team created a public relations plan for the media event that included a goal, measurable objectives, strategies, tactics, a budget and timeline. This plan was presented to the ThirtyTwo executive team. The goal of the press event was to show the entire ThirtyTwo collection to editors from more than five tier-one media outlets in an effort to secure media coverage in their winter fashion stories for ThirtyTwo.

As a direct result of proactive media relations, Master Plan Communications secured more than 10 appointments for ThirtyTwo with the following media outlets:

• Seventeen
• StyleSight
• Sports Illustrated Kids
• Complex
• Alternative Press
• Inked
• The Fader
• Rad Collector
• Transworld Business


This press event created major mainstream media exposure for ThirtyTwo during the important winter 2012 sales season. The agency garnered media coverage for ThirtyTwo in five media outlets including Transworld Business, Rad Collector, CCS, Inked and Complex. In relation to the high potential cost of an advertising campaign in mainstream media, this minimal PR budget was extremely cost-effective to gain exposure for ThirtyTwo.